Explore Åndalsnes and the Rauma railway (from Molde)


Tickets for this trip must be bought on sj.no or in the SJ Nord app, or on entur.no or in the Entur app. The apps can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

The description below provides information about some of the possibilities for combined bus/train trips.

Combining a bus trip from Molde to Åndalsnes with a train ride on the Rauma railway gives you a unique travel experience.

On the trip from Molde to Åndalsnes you first drive along the Fannefjord and can enjoy the views of the fjord and the mountains. A short ferry ride is included (the bus drives onto the ferry) before the road winds its way towards Åndalsnes, allowing you to rest your eyes on the beautiful scenery and idyllic places along the road.

Åndalsnes is a nice little town with a majestic location between the fjord and the mountains. In this area you have the opportunity to explore all kinds of nature activities, from SUP paddling on the river to hikes on all levels, via ferrata, or a gondola trip to the top of the mountain Nesaksla – where the views are just spectacular! If you have time, you may visit “Rampestreken”, the famous viewpoint. At The Norwegian Mountaineering Centre (Norsk Tindesenter) you may learn more about the proud mountaineering traditions of the Rauma community.

The Rauma railway is one of the most spectacular railway rides in Norway. The train ride goes through the beautiful Romsdalen valley and you pass some of Norway’s most picturesque mountain formations, the winding Rauma river and the famous Kylling bridge.

You can take a bus to/from Molde that arrives just before the train departure or departs just after the train arrival, but you can also choose to take a bus from or to Molde the allows you to spend some time at Åndalsnes.

The table below shows the train times to/from Åndalsnes and the buses that correspond directly with the trains. For more bus times to/from Åndalsnes, do a search on sj.no or in the SJ Nord app, or on the web site for FRAM, the local bus providers (frammr.no). 

The times marked yellow in the table below, shows examples of how you can do a trip from Molde via Åndalsnes to Bjorli and back to Åndalsnes and Molde the same day.

You may also take the train to or from Dombås, for connections with trains to/from Trondheim and Oslo.


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